Camp Laugarvatn

Laugarvatn is a place where young teens get the chance of strengthening their confidence. With the opportunity to take a step out of their comfort zone in a week without cell-phones, they have to grow as a person. It is hard to do this, but in Laugarvatn we try to create a friendly atmosphere where it is alright to do and be wrong. We teach the teens to not take themselves too seriously and to just have a laugh. With this in mind they have a greater opportunity to grow and be themselves. It is important with a healthy lifestyle in mind and Laugarvatn helps bring that out in children.

In Laugarvatn it is also important to give the teens awareness of the environment. To do this we always recycle and the teenagers have to do it with us.

For the teenagers to get the most experience from these five days the schedule is filled with classes and activities. We think that interacting with others is the most important when it comes to learning, and therefore are most of our classes in need of participating teens.

The Youth Camp wants everyone to be positive and enjoy their stay whilst they are being interested in what is being taught. They are divided into three groups; blue, green and red, during the whole stay. In these teams they will work with teambuilding and try to connect with each other during the whole week.

The teams will then battle each other in the Laugarvatn-Games at the end of the week– there the team with most successful teamwork will win. Therefore are they in need of everything they have learnt during the week to succeed. Besides the Laugarvatn-Games the students can also collect different points that will help their team during the week. These are called rock-and heart points. Rock points are given when the team does a given challenge such as jumping in to a waterfall. Heart points are rewards for helping others without being asked to. The different teams are prepared for the Laugarvatns-games, and everything else in life, with help from the classes given.


Camp Laugarvatn guidelines
  • Never leave camp or activity areas without permission.
  • Listen to and follow instructor’s guidelines and instructions.
  • Respect the natural environment. Please use the bins provided and do not damage the environment.
  • Students are responsible if they break anything in Laugarvatn.
  • Having and/or using tobacco, alcohol, Vape or other drugs is STRICTLY forbidden.
  • Attending to all events are compulsory.
  • Students are not allowed to bring sweets, gum, drinks or any food with them to the camp.
  • All unnecessary tampering with the fire alarm or fire hose is strictly forbidden.
  • All mobile phones are forbidden, even if there is no sim card in it.
  • No pocket knives, glass, lighters or matches.
  • No valuables please.
  • Violence is not tolerated in Laugarvatn.
  • Students have to respect the rules about   usage of electronics and what they cannot bring to the camp.
  • All medicine should be kept by the teachers.
  • Every group is responsible for the ongoing cleanliness of their rooms. 
To parents

Nutritional resistance, food allergy and vegetarian diet

Camp Laugarvatn provides vegetarian food for vegans and the main products for those who have gluten intolerance and milk resistance. For example, at Laugarvatn we provide soy milk, rice milk and soya cheese for those who do not tolerate dairy products. Often there is lactose free milk. The kitchen takes care of food for kids who are intolerant of gluten, eggs and fish. Similar food is for those who have some kind of intolerance and other students at Laugarvatn.

The teachers must inform the kitchen staff about this issue at least one week before attending camp for those children who have food resistance / allergy to ensure that they are safely available.

During a meeting with teachers and Laugarvatn staff on a Monday, each of the participants special needs are discussed to ensure nobody is forgotten. Therefore it is important that the supervisor of students knows if they have food intolerance, allergy or are vegetarians. Those who have more complex problems with food are asked to contact at least. 10 days before arrival.


Animal Allergies

It is important to inform the teachers if your child has an animal allergy and send the appropriate medicine. A visit to a farm is conducted as part of Laugarvatn Camp program.



Students are not permitted to keep any personal medicine in their own rooms at Laugarvatn. Parents must provide the supervising teacher with all medicines including painkillers and analgesics. This is important to prevent other students from accessing medicines that don’t belong to them, as the camp rooms are not locked. Over-use of painkillers can have bad consequences and must be controlled by the supervising teachers.

Students are permitted to have their own asthma pump if required. If a student is required to take asthma medication, you must inform the teachers about it. The teachers will then inform Laugarvatn staff. Students can have a medical cream if needed in the room. Those students who need to use insulin have their medicine near them, in consultation with the teacher.


Participants may be sent home from Camp Laugarvatn if their behaviour necessitates. There are various reasons for this, including: if a participant comes with and / or uses his or her own: alcohol, tobacco, oral tobacco, vabe cigarettes or drugs, they will be referred home. Also, if a participant becomes aware of theft and in case of intentional damage. Guardians will not be refunded if the participant is referred home. If a decision has been made that a participant must be sent home, parents must come to collect their child on the same day.  


The life at Camp Laugarvatn is about team work and real communication. We expect that students can embrace the camp lifestyle without their mobile phones and enjoy being present in each other’s company and communicating face to face with their peers. Therefore, it is not permitted to bring to camp: mobile phones, computers and devices that can display video content. It is important that parents take care of these issues with their children and make sure that the children do not bring these electronics to Camp Laugarvatn.

Communicate with the child while staying

Parents can organize telephone phone call with their child in consultation with the teachers, if they consider it necessary. The staff at Camp Laugarvatn do not recommend that parents communicate with their child during their stay unless necessary. No news is good news. Hours of call will take place after 17:00, not between kl. 18-18: 30. It is not desirable that parents call before 17:00 because that is quite a busy time in Camp Laugarvatn.

Proper equipment

It is good to prepare your child well and ensure good equipment, on this webpage there are various information about equipment. In Iceland and at Camp Laugarvatn, it is often cold weather during the winter time. The Camp Laugarvatn is in the countryside, where there are many unpaved streets and walking tracks. Students walk through the woods, hills and different surfaces and therefore their footwear must be suitable to these conditions. 

Gear checklist
  • Sheets for a 90 cm bed and linen. Blankets and pillows are is in the room. 
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and a small towel.
  • Lip balm, moisturizer, band aids for small wounds and blisters. (for girls: pads).
  • Shampoo, soap and other necessary toiletries.
  • Pyjamas, (earplugs) and slippers.
  • Swimwear and a towel.
  • Sportswear and indoor sports shoes.
  • Day Pack (Small rucksack for hike).
  • Hiking shoes. 
  • Waterproof shoes/boots, not wise to wear new and fancy footwear as the shoes will get very dirty (we hike on wet ground f.ex.).

Waterproof and warm clothing to wear outside (hat, gloves, scarf, wool socks, jackets and waterproof trousers, we go outside whatever the weather).


  • Good to have finger mittens for the obstacle path.
  • Clothes to change into.
  • A watch or a clock to keep in the room.
  • Plastic bags for dirty clothes and muddy shoes, it‘s not possible to get plastic bags in Laugar!
  • Necessary medication, don´t forget medicines for animal allergies if necessary.
  • Please don´t pack your things in a big black plastic bag!

This Electronics is NOT allowed to bring to Laugarvatn

  • Mobil telephone or phone with no sim card
  • Smartphone
  • Laptops
  • iPad and iPod and other kind of tablet computers
  • PlayStation computer and comparable computers
  • Televisions
  • Amplifiers
  • Boom Blaster
  • Travel DVD
  • Dynamic speaker
  • There may not be any electronic devices that can play games, go on the internet and shown video content. Only a small music player.

Parents must deliver guides all medicines, including painkillers.


Pack list

To have a in the room:

Wristwatch or clock to have in the room
Earpiece for those who are sensitive to noise.

A small towel and a multifunctional plastic glass at the sink.

Extra plastic bags for dirty clothes and wet shoes. It is NOT possible to get a plastic bag at Camp Laugarvatn.

Good ideas for decorating the room for the room competition.


Personal things:

Nightwear and slippers
Changes of clothes
Change of socks for each day



Shampoo, soap, and other necessary cosmetics

Lip balm and cream for dry skin

Band-Aids to treat blisters

Girls: sanitary pads

Toothbrush, toothpaste

To use in the camp program:

Swimsuits and towels
Sportswear and indoor sports shoes


For outdoor activities / outdoor programs:

A small hiking bag or backpack, around 15-30 litres.
Rain-wear and outdoor clothing
Wool, sport or ski underwear. Important around the coldest time October-April.
Cleats Slip are good to have during the coldest months and when frost is high. Icy paths and snow is common in January to March.
Boots or waterproof hiking boots (we go hiking on wet soils). It is unnecessary to wear nice new school shoes at Camp Laugarvatn. They will become filthy after hiking in nature and much of the time, we enjoy being in the outdoor areas. Note, it is not comfortable to walk long distance in rubber boots.
Note, those who develop blisters or do not have enough good shoes, should bring to camp personal first aid supplies to treat blisters at camp. Be careful to not bring new shoes with you to camp. It is very common for students to develop a blister during Camp Laugarvatn program, because they do not have suitable outdoor shoes or are not used to Hiking.

Warm outfits (hat, mittens, scarf, woollen socks, thick jacket and thick warm pants) In Camp Laugarvatn kids are outdoor every day.

Hiking socks / high socks, to prevent snow from getting into shoes.
Tip: It is important to cut toe nails before going to Camp Laugarvatn.

How to pack:

It is recommended that students bring their luggage in a suitcase, not in plastic bags, which is more environmentally friendly and simpler for everyone. (if you pack your belongings in a black plastic bag, please bring an extra black plastic bag to pack your belongings in for the way home. The other bags will be lost or damaged!).

Please put your name and phone number and name of the school on all belongings. Then it will be easier to take care of lost items. There is always something forgotten at Camp Laugarvatn. It simplifies the search for lost items, if the personal items are marked. You are, of course, responsible for your own belongings. The best is to keep all valuables at home. If your stuff is marked and is lost at Camp Laugarvatn we contact you and let you know about it, otherwise it will end up in a lost property box.

Every year there are several boxes of expensive equipment in lost property. Parents note: kids do not always know their own belongings!!

Internship in Laugarvatn

Are you an energetic person who enjoys the adventure that visiting a new and fascinating place brings at the same time as you would like to develop your leadership skills?

In this case, working at Camp Laugarvatn would be perfect for you.

We are seeking students in outdoor studies or pedagogic studies in BA or M.ed levels who are interested in working and interacting with teenagers in the age group 14-16 years at Camp Laugarvatn. 

If you didn't know, Camp Laugarvatn is located near Reykjavík and the classic tourist route the Golden Circle.

There is so much to do. You will love it. 

Outdoors we work with kayaks, walking, low rope, storytelling and so on. 

Your work will consist of holding both indoor and outdoor classes, meaning that, apart from interacting with the teenagers, you will receive the opportunity to experience the spectacular environment that the south-western part of Iceland offers. Since the purpose of this camp is to give the teenagers the chance to step out of their comfort zone and strengthen their confidence, most classes you will have charge over should consist of team-building activities. These are to create a friendly atmosphere in the groups where the kids will be able to grow as individuals by feeling that it is alright to do wrong sometimes.

This is a weekly camp, meaning that teenagers arrive around lunch time on Monday and leave after breakfast on Friday. Every week new 9th graders arrives and therefore the layout of the weeks will always be the same. This gives our camp a lot of structure, and one might think it would become repetitive, but since all children are different, every week is unlike the other. The amount of working hours will be the same every week for you as a volunteer, but your daily working hours will vary during the weeks.   

At Camp Laugarvatn we always want to improve for the better and therefore we have a very open atmosphere where new creative ideas concerning your classes are always welcome. When working with teenagers it is important that you as a person have certain qualities. Individuals who are tolerant, responsible, trustworthy, energetic and social are encouraged to apply for the position.

Working here at Laugarvatn will provide you the opportunity to interact and meet new people, experience the overwhelmingly beautiful landscape of Iceland and let you develop your leadership skills. In the encouraging and positive environment where everyone strives to achieve the best result by collaboration you will have the best chance to grow as an individual as well as a leader.

For applications and more info, please write: 

Jörgen Nilsson, program director at Camp Laugarvatn.
Telephone: 00354-863-1260 /

Anna Margrét Tómasdóttir, director of Camp Laugarvatn. 
Telephone: 00354-861-2660 /